VOX PAR100SS - details of a scrapped amp

1971 / 1972

The Vox PAR100SS was first introduced by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL) in early 1969. Production was taken over by "Vox Sound Limited" (VSL) in late 1970. VSL moved to the Birch-Stolec factory in St Leonard's on Sea, near Hastings, in late summer 1971. An overview of the Vox solid state public address amp range is given .

Pictures of a complete PAR100SS, and a short overview of its design, .

The pictures below are of a unit from which a good number of parts have been removed. But it is interesting nonetheless as one can see better how the chassis is constructed, and how the preamp is arranged.

Most of the components have date codes from 1970 and 1971 - the orange Sprague capacitor, of which there is detail, has "71/02" = Feb. 1971.

The "Birch-Stolec" stamp indicates the amp was produced after late summer 1971. Chassis number "215". The metal case is passivated - treated in a chromium dip - to retard rust.

If anyone knows of any other units, .

A Vox PAR100SS - 100w public address amp with reverb