Vox Sound Ltd - 1970-1973

The Vox PAR100SS was first introduced by "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" in early 1969. An overview of the Vox solid state public address amp range is given .

The unit pictured lower down on this page was made in 1972 by "Vox Sound Limited" (VSL) in late 1972, that is to say shortly before Vox folded. More on Vox Sound limited .

Vox PAR100SS public address amplifier from 1972

Detail from an advert placed by VSL in Melody Maker, December 1970.

The chassis of the PAR100SS, which slides out from the front of the case when the bolts running through the feet on the underside are removed, is rack-mountable, being 19 inches wide, 3U in height.

The same is true too of the Vox Midas and the PA100SS (the model without reverb). The chassis of the Midas Reverb and PAR100SS were made deeper, however, than those of the Midas without reverb and the PA100SS to accommodate the reverb tray and driver transformer.

The main power transistors in all four amps are 2N3055s, as in the Supreme and Super Foundation Bass, though the circuits of these last are different.

Reverb in the PAR100SS is assignable separately to all six channels via the channel volume control (push-pull). Overall level was set by the master reverb control. The effect could be switched in or out by a footswitch.

The mains plug (on the rear of the amp) is a Belling Lee L1722, standard for the solid state line.

If anyone knows of any other units, .

A Vox PAR100SS - 100w public address amp with reverb

The amp below has had seven of its original knobs replaced, and a little work done here and there, probably in the 1980s, but is otherwise fairly untouched. Cosmetic condition is average.

The date code on the orange Sprague capacitor - "7202" - indicates the second week of 1972.