VOX MIDAS REVERB serial no. 1142

Vox Sound Limited, late 1971

The unit pictured below was probably made ready for sale in late 1971. A "Birch-Stolec" stamp appears in the reverb pan (last picture). Vox did not move to the Birch-Stolec in St Leonards-on-Sea (Hastings) until July/August of that year.

Most of the orange Sprague capacitors have date codes for mid 1970. The latest visible date on a component is "7052" = the 52nd week in 1970, on one of the 2n3055 transistors.

General pics of the exterior of the amp , along with a brief overview of its intended use (driving a Vox Gyrotone rotary speaker).

A selection of pictures of a Midas without reverb .

Vox Midas Reverb - serial no. 1142

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General pics of the exterior of the amp .