Vox Sound Limited, 1970-1971

Although the the official "Vox Sound Limited" catalogue and pricelist of August 1970 - pricelist here - omits the Conqueror, it is clear that a certain number were actually sold and produced - around 120 from July 1970 to early 1971 - by the new company.

For an overview of "Vox Sound Limited" - successor to "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" - see the materials .

So far as one can tell, a good proportion of the amps was unsold stock that had been made at the West Street factory at Erith under VSEL. VSL simply took them over for sale. New serial plates were affixed with "Vox Sound Limited", but the control panels give "Vox Sound Equipment Limited".

Conquerors produced by VSEL - serial numbers 2000-2380 - .

Close to the end of the run - certainly by serial number 2462 - proper "Vox Sound Limited" panels come in. The latest amp recorded below is serial number 2483. It may be that there were a few more after that.

In company with the Conqueror, , which had a power section in common, was also phased out. Production of the Defiant, Supreme, Foundation and Super Foundation Bass continued, however.

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Vox Sound Limited

The general characteristics of "Vox Sound Limited" Conquerors, 1970-1971 are naturally much the same as late VSEL Conquerors:

  • Dimensions remain the same. Amp: 23 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" high, 9 1/2" deep. Cab: 30" wide, 19" high, 12" deep. Covers in the final days of VSL were only supplied for the amp.
  • Back boards are tolex covered, and corners square.
  • The string encircling the amp and cab is now silver rather than gold.
  • Speakers in the VSL period seem normally to have been Goodmans ceramics, doubtless a cost-cutting measure.
  • The schematic for the preamp is OS/184.

Below, a register of surviving amps. If anyone knows of Conquerors that have not yet been included, do let me know.

Serial number 2397- currently in the USA

The amp: purchased originally by a USAF airman from "Mollenhauer Musikhaus" in Fulda. Sold by him to a buyer in California; and from that second owner to the present one. The cab - with the label "Mollenhauer & Sohne Musikhaus" - came separately from a different seller in California - an amazing coincidence. A really nice rig. Thanks to Jeff for the pictures.

Serial number 2402
Serial number 2403


Serial number 2415 - currently in Australia

Thanks to Lindsay for the image.

Serial number 2425 - currently in the UK

As in the amp above, a Vox Sound Ltd plate, but VSEL on the preamp. The box of this amp, in spite of the Conqueror flag, is either from a JMI Defiant or Supreme.

Serial number 2462 - currently in Europe

"Vox Sound Limited" on the control panel and on the serial number plates. Thanks to Andy for the pictures.

Serial number 2483 - currently in Italy

Sold with a Defiant cab in Italy in 2007.


Currently in Germany

A nice complete rig. Plates on amp and cab are "Vox Sound Ltd". The control panel of the former however states "Vox Sound Equipment Ltd". Speakers probably replaced - the current ones look like Fanes.