THE ROLLING STONES: March-April 1967

Above, the Stones at Orebro, Sweden, 27th March 1967. The image originally .

The Spring tour of 1967 took the Stones to eight European countries over a three week period: Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, and Greece:

25th March:
Helsingborg, Sweden
27th March:
Orebro, Sweden
29th March:
Bremen, Germany
30th March:
Cologne, Germany
1st April:
Hamburg, Germany
2nd April:
Vienna, Austria
5th April:
Bologna, Italy
6th April:
Rome, Italy
8th April:
Milan, Italy
9th April:
Genoa, Italy
11th April:
Paris, France
13th April:
Warsaw, Poland
14th April:
Zurich, Switzerland
15th April:
The Hague, Holland
17th April:
Athens, Greece

The Supreme cabs were generally used without trolleys, Brian's standing upright, Keith's often on its side. Bill used a 2x15" with his Super Foundation Bass.

Above, the Warsaw concert, Keith's amp and cab to the right of Mick Jagger.

Above, the Zurich concert, Bill's amp is on the stage floor and his cab far to the right.

Shots from various concerts

Great pics by the photographer Eje Solander taken at the Helsingborg concert, first on the tour. .

The Stones in Milan, 8th April 1967. Some adjustments being made to Brian Jones's Supreme. One of the men in picture may be Alan Harding, chief engineer at Vox.

Harding accompanied the Stones on the part of their 1967 European tour to monitor the Supremes and the ceramic Celestions in the speaker cabs.

Above, The Rolling Stones in Warsaw, 13th April, 1967 with their early solid state gear. Note the Celestion ceramic T1279 speakers in the Supreme cabs - 15ohms, rated at 20-25W, general outward appearance exactly the same as the ceramic Celestion T1225s that went into Vox 7 series cabs.