VOX SOLID STATE AMPS - select components

This page will be expanded in due course. For the time being, it simply provides pics of select components with a few notes here and there. Some of the items used in the solid state amps are still in production today - the heatsinks for the main power transistors, the angled Belling Lee plugs and sockets, for instance, and Welwyn cement resistors (though not pictured below). For a brief note on these last, and the capacitors that contain date codes, see this page.

Radiospares Lamps

Sliding variable resistor (for the bias strings)

The value of the resistor above is 100R. The values used by Vox were 10R, 25R and 250R.

Belling Lee mains plug

Belling Lee mains plugs and sockets are still available from Farnell - the plug (L1722A/P) and socket (L1722A/S).

Parts from a broken down Vox solid state PA amp (probably a SS100).

Heatsinks and transistors (RCA 2N4348). The assembly is the same as in Supremes and Super Foundation Bass amps.

Rear connections.

The Lemark driver transformer (TT3914) from the PA solid state amp. The same unit was used in Supremes and Super Foundation Basses until around 1970. Vox then went over to "Twickenham Transformers", a neigbouring company on the Ponswood Industrial Estate, St Leonard's on Sea.

Top view.

Side with logo.