Vox adverts for the solid state line from the pages of
"Beat Instrumental" magazine

late 1969-early 1970

Below, full page adverts placed by Vox in Beat Instrumental (the only magazine in which the company regularly advertised) in later 1969 and early 1970. The number under each page - "No. 75" for instance - is the Beat Instrumental issue number.

For ads for the solid state range placed in the first half of 1969, see this page.

Throughout 1969 Vox and into early 1970 remained "Vox Sound Equipment Limited" (VSEL). After a hiatus, the company became "Vox Sound Limited" (VSL) in mid 1970.

No. 75. July 1969

No. 76. August. 1969 (repeated)

No. 77. September 1969

No. 78. October 1969

No. 79. November 1969 (repeated)

No. 80. December 1969


No. 81. January 1970 (repeated)

No. 82. February

No adverts appear in issues 83-86 (April-July, 1970).