Vox adverts for the solid state line from the pages of
"Beat Instrumental" magazine

1966 - 1967

Below, full page adverts for the solid state line placed by Vox in Beat Instrumental, the only magazine in which the company regularly advertised - late 1966 to mid 1967. The number under each page - "No. 65" for instance - is the Beat Instrumental issue number. Some ads were repeated - the first, as can be seen, was repeated a little later on.

A second page of adverts running from August 1967 - July 1968 is . In some months Vox, or rather JMI, was clearly too busy or perhaps too pre-occupied to take out a spread. Royston Industries, the company that had owned the business since late 1964, was in the last throes of collapse in early 1968.

Short notices relating to the Vox solid state line in Beat Instrumental, 1967-1968, have been .

No. 42. October 1966

No. 43. November 1966

No. 44. December 1966

No. 45. January 1967

No. 46. February 1967

No. 47. March 1967 (repeated from Oct. '66)

No. 48. April 1967

No. 49. May 1967

No. 50. June 1967 (repeated from previous month).

No. 51. July 1967