Second generation JMI Supremes

Later Jennings Musical Industries amps: late 1967

Above a good example of a Supreme from the second third of 1967 - serial no. 1258. Note the presence of "Solid State" in the logo..

Production of the Supreme continued apace in later 1967, perhaps even picking up slightly on previous months - for earlier amps, . The general characteristics of later JMI Supremes are:

  • Serial number still in the form ST.xxxx.
  • Back panels remain cloth covered and have chamfered corners.
  • Control panels are generally now deep black, not the (faded) brown of early ones. The metal of the panel is slightly thicker.
  • Gone are the fixings for the preamp on top of the amp.
  • Jack input sockets are black plastic not metal.
  • Logos have first "VOX" in gold (rather than silver); then "VOX Solid State".
  • Goodmans ceramic speakers - precursors of the "Power Range" - make their appearance in preference to Celestions. The Goodmans code was 241H 15.
  • Conversely, Celestion horns - T1362s - are sometimes found instead of Goodmans Midax.
  • The schematic for the preamp remains OS/136, and the power amp OS/135

Below, a growing register of surviving amps. If anyone knows of any Supremes that have not yet been included, do let me know.

Serial number 1150 or 1151 (?) - currently in Denmark

A nice rig. "Solid State" only in the logo of the cab. No preamp fixings on top of the box. Black plastic input jacks.Thanks to Frank for the pictures.

Serial number 1162

Probably one of the first of the second generation amps. No preamp fixings on top of the box. Input jacks are black plastic; control panel is black. Thanks to Paul and Philip for the pictures. In the last, the amp with a VSL Supreme cab (containing later speakers).

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

In common with the amp above, no preamp fixings on top of the box, and black plastic input jacks. But the logo is in silver.

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK
Serial number unknown - currently in Spain

Accompanied by a Conqueror cab with side stands.

Serial number unknown - currently in Spain

A nice amp in company with a Defiant cab.

"Vox Solid State" now in the logo


Serial number 1180 - currently in Sweden

Currently in Sweden, the voltage selector removed to make the amp conform to local electrical regulations. In good condition. Thanks to Kjell for the pictures.

Serial number 1195 - currently in Switzerland

A superb Supreme, "Solid State" in the logo of both amp and cab. The drivers in the cab are Goodmans. Thanks to Gerry for the pictures.

Serial number 1239 - currently in the UK

Thanks to Andy for the pictures.


So far, no JMI Supreme has come to light with "AMPLIFIER" alone (rather than "VOX AMPLIFIER") on the serial number plate. But the amps below, and perhaps 1239 above, will have been made, or at least finished, and sold in 1968.

Serial number 1258 - currently in the UK

Preamp chassis 2273. Power amp chassis 1434. Excellent original condition. The cab in the first pictures belongs to another amp. Three mustard caps in the preamp alongside the yellow Dubiliers with date code C7N = 3rd quarter 1967. Later on, mustards become the norm in the solid state preamps, superceding Dubiliers entirely. Apologies for the softness of some of the pictures above - they will be replaced in due course.

Serial number 1261 - currently in Germany
Serial number 1285 - currently in the Netherlands

The cab was set up by JMI for a tilt-back trolley, the upper chrome sections of which still remain. The speakers have been replaced by later Goodmans units and the horns removed. Thanks to Hans for the pictures.


Serial number in the 1200s - currently in the USA

A replaced handle, and the Belling Lee power socket now a Bulgin (probably substituted early on), otherwise good and original. The footswitch survives. Serial number plate unfortunately missing.

Serial number in the 1200s - currently in Europe

Serial number in the 1200s - currently in the UK

Preamp chassis 1939. Power amp chassis 1251. Probably slightly earlier than the amp above. The box has square back corners; but the back board has angles. Click on the button below for more pictures.

Serial number in the high 1200s - currently in the UK

Preamp chassis 2443. Power amp chassis 1494. Replaced back panel, front grille cloth, and knobs. Pictures from the ebay auction, more to follow.

Serial number 1302 (or 1303)

Wrongly reported as 1502 (or 1503)

JMI Super Foundation Basses, with which the Supreme shares a power section, only go up to around sn. 1280. No Supremes have come to light with numbers definitively in the 1300s, let alone 1400s.

Power amp chassis 1494, recorded above, is the highest so far. If we assume 300 chassis were assigned to SFBs and perhaps 300 to Supremes, then the highest serial number (on the back panel) will have been 1300 or so.


(all with "Solid State" in the logo)

Serial number unknown - currently in Holland

A full rig, the trolley apparently lacking wheels however. The speakers are Goodmans ceramics.

Serial number unknown - currently in Denmark

A good looking rig, no trolley, but footswitch in evidence.

Serial number unknown - currently in the USA

One of the Reisz Promotions amps, shipped from Germany to Guitar Center in 2007-2008. Below, the same amp (purchased from Guitar Center in Manhattan in 2009) expertly restored.

Serial number unknown - currently in Italy
Serial number unknown - currently in the UK
Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

Probably late JMI rather than early VSEL, but difficult to tell for sure from a single photo. The cab beneath is likely to be a generic PA bin covered later in Vox cloth and given a logo to match.

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